Be Sure To Look Out For The Strawberry Moon

If the weather will cooperate, be sure to look to the skies for the Strawberry Moon. This is the summer’s first full moon that will happen today, Friday, June 5, 2020. The history behind the “Strawberry Moon” is that when it is “seen from the northern hemisphere, the “Strawberry Moon”—so-called because it’s harvest time for the soft fruit—will be the latest-rising, and among the largest-looking full Moons of 2020” (Forbes). Let me clear up any confusion because everyone thinks that the moon will have a strawberry color, well it is all pending any atmospheric conditions. The moon's path for tonight will be low, so it could end up with colorful orange or yellow tint. My mother’s side of the family was farmers, and my father’s side of the family was dairy farmers. Needless to say, I grew up with a Farmer’s Almanac, and it noted that “the name, Strawberry Moon, originated with Algonquin tribes in eastern North America who knew it as a signal to gather the ripening fruit of wild strawberries.”

Best Time To View The Strawberry Moon
According to Forbes, one of the best times to check out the “Strawberry Moon” is “the moonrise on Friday evening, get to a place where you can watch the Moon appear on the eastern horizon. Get in position at the quoted time and be prepared to wait for up to 15 minutes to see it appear. Be patient! It will appear, and it will look magnificent … clear skies allowing.” For specific timing, Accuweather wrote that “the moon will officially be 100% full at 3:12 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 5, but it will appear full as it rises on Friday evening until it sets early Saturday” which means 2:12 p.m. for us here in West Alabama.

(Source) For more from the Farmer’s Almanac, click here. For more from Forbes, click here. For more from Accuweather, click here.

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