Last week, we brought you the story and video footage, of a woman attempting to run over another woman in the parking lot at Wendy's by Lowe's on Oscar Baxter Drive. In case you missed it, you can read all about if HERE

This week, we have another physical confrontation caught on video, which takes place at The Circle K Gas Station on Skyland Boulevard.

The video begins with an argument taking place between two males and two females. In the video, the altercation starts with some strong language, (please be advised).

The situation escalates when one of the women takes a wet SQUEEGEE and slings water at one of the men! The man, who was SQUEEGEED by the woman, steps towards her, only to be confronted by another man. Then, a second woman joins the scuffle, and CLOCKS the second male with a MEAN left hook to his right jaw!  It is then when both men start to BRAWL, with both landing SOLID blows to each other! The woman who started all this RUCKUS continues to hit the one male with the SQUEEGEE, while curious bystanders watch the entire THROW DOWN!

The incident is captured for your viewing pleasure. (Warning Video Contains Strong Language) 

Happy Holidays & Please Be Safe Out There!

Watch the video below....





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