I was doing my normal scroll through Facebook this afternoon and came across a post that captured my interest.  It was about a Dollar General Market in Madison, AL.

Intrigued?  I was too!

So, here's the deal:

DG is rolling out these grocery stores which follow the same concept as their general stores.  They're basically making it very convenient for area residents to purchase groceries. We all know that DG will put a store just about ANYWHERE!  You can ride through the most rural area and see no stores for miles.  Then, like a desert oasis... A Dollar General!

As a passerby, it would appear that the store "has to be" operating in the red, that it probably won't be long before it's closed, and that their corporate offices didn't do their homework before selecting a site for the store.  This can't be further from the truth.  Many Dollar General stores are situated in areas where the population would have to travel a bit of a distance to get to another store.  Yet, there is usually enough of a population to sustain the store.

And now, they're making grocery stores and gas stations?  DG is in it to become the next Walmart... Just more convenient.  The only thing that could make this more convenient is if they delivered to your home.  Walmart already does, but with Dollar General already in everybody's back yards, it's probably not gonna happen because... Well, it's really unnecessary.

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